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Chef  Wolf


Written By: Kayla Garritano in Westchester Magazine 

Taylor Wolf has become a culinary expert through years of training and hard work. The time, effort, and road to get to where she is, however, was not always easy. Her experiences throughout her young life has shaped her into the woman she is now, both inside the kitchen and outside of it.
Born a triplet, Taylor grew up in Harrison, New York. From a young age, her grandmother, a cake decorator and baker from Boston, would teach Taylor how to bake and decorate, leading towards her desire to become a pastry chef.
Studying baking and pastry arts as well as culinary arts away from home at Johnson and Wales helped Taylor learn so much about the culinary industry as well as how to be a strong person, both on a team and individually.
However, her time in college was no easy task.
Taylor suffered a bad car accident, which caused a serious ankle injury, where wolf had to learn how to walk all over again. On top of this, Taylor suffers from a rare disease called Myasthenia Gravis, grave muscular weakness which flared up during this stressful period in her life and comes and goes whenever it pleases.(To learn more click here to follow the link)
Taylor never gave up. After completing physical therapy, under going three reconstructive foot surgeries, and continuing life long IVIG therapy, she forced herself back to school.

Wolf currently resides in northern New Jersey and loves to visit her home in New York.
Throughout her time studying culinary professionalism, Taylor worked in several New York and New Jersey bakeries and restaurants. Working both the front and back of the businesses filling every position, thus giving her more experience and insight on the business side of the industry.
She also worked at major companies like the Institute of Culinary Education, Sur La Table, etc. and has done work as a freelance chef performing demos, and continues to do production baking for local retail stores.
While working and continuing her education. Taylor began her culinary instructor, and baking career with her business called Wolfies Pastries.
Wolfies Pastries will eventually have its own studio where people can help their culinary visions come to life. It is growing as a business for people to explore their culinary horizons. It offers catering, fresh baked goods, and culinary classes; from Bergen to Westchester county in the comfort of your own home or venue! (Before Covid and offered virtually until further notice)

Despite all of Taylor’s experiences, she is not done learning. She believes even as a teacher, she is always learning, and is grateful for the constant experiences life has put her through. She is also looking to start a movement for chefs with disabilities. It has always been a constant battle for her and other chefs who struggle with life long illness. “We are turned down due to employers feeling like we would be unreliable. That is far from true.” Taylor believes she works just as hard as a healthy person and will not stop until her goals are reached. 
“I am thankful for the people around me who helped me never give up, but most importantly I am thankful for never giving up on myself,” Taylor says. “There is nothing that I love more than bringing a smile to someone's face from a dish or enjoyment from a class.”
Taylor can be found by following her Instagram page and can be contacted directly for classes, catering, and other culinary needs. 

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